Technology and experience at the service of our customers

O.M.P. Torneria Automatica offers high quality services with flexibility and elasticity. Advanced technology and craftsmanship experience are at the service of the customer to meet their needs. The manufacturing process guarantees precision, reliability and excellent results. The customer can count on personalized attention and tailor-made solutions.

Workable materials

Automatic steels

11SMn30 - 11SMn30

Led 108 - 11SMnPb30

AVZ - 11SMn37

AVP - PS113 - 11SMnPb37

Telby - 11SMnPb30+Te+Bi

Telby Plus - 11SMnPb37+Te+Bi

FE37 - RE37 - S235JRG2C

FE52 - RE52 - S355J2G3C

Automatic case-hardening steels

RN2PB - 16NiCrS4 Pb

20MNCRS5 - 20MnCrS5

RC2 - 18NiCrMo5

Austenitic stainless steels

303 PLUS - X8CrNiS18-9

304L - X2CrNi18-9

316L X2CrNiMo17-12

Automatic steels for quenching and tempering

PR80 - SAE1137 Pb - 36SMnPb14

C40 - KV45 - C45E

USIMAX - 38SMn28

RB2Pb - 39NiCrMo3 Pb

RK3 - 100Cr6DELRIN

Martensitic stainless steels

430F - X14CrMoS17

303 PLUS - X8CrNiS18-9

Aluminum alloy

Alloy 2017 - AlCuMqSi

Alloy 2011 - AlCu6BiPb

Alloy 6060 - AlMgSi

Alloy 6082 - AlSiMgMn

Ergal 7075 - Zn5.5MgCu

Alloy 6026 - AlMgSiBi

Alloys in Brass and Bronze 

Bronze alloy - CuSn7Zn4Pb7 

Bronze alloy - CuSn8P 

R450S Bronze alloy - CuTeP R250 

Brass Alloy - OT58 CW614 N 

Brass alloy - ECOSI CW 724 R 

Brass alloy - OT 63 CW 508 L

Plastic materials










At the request of our customers, we are committed to exploring and working with any type of material to meet their specific needs. We are always ready to adapt and find customized solutions for each individual request, guaranteeing high quality and perfect compliance with specific requests. Our flexibility and our ability to work with a wide range of materials allow us to offer complete and future-proof solutions for every customer requirement.

Thermal and surface treatments

To ensure our products are of the highest quality, we work with the most trusted and knowledgeable companies in the industry. The treatments we offer, such as white, black and green zinc plating, chrome plating, anodizing, carburizing, carbonitriding, geomet, niploying, painting, polishing and tumbling, have been carefully selected to offer a final product that satisfies even the most demanding requests. These treatments, combined with our experience and the expertise of the companies we work with, allow us to offer products of excellent quality and reliability, able to satisfy even the most demanding needs.


Tumbling is a surface finishing technique that uses vibration combined with the action of water to smooth and uniform the surfaces of the pieces. This process not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the pieces but also their quality by removing any sharp edges and irregularities. Tumbling is especially useful for parts that require a surface finish, ensuring a smooth and even surface.

Processing and production

We work in the specialized production of customized turned parts for various industrial sectors, including engineering, hydraulics, carpentry, plastic molding, pneumatics, taps, furniture, nautical, food machinery, agricultural machinery, special components and more. We can handle production orders ranging from 50 to over 100,000 pieces, with a maximum automatic machining diameter of 70mm. Upon request, we also carry out pre-series machining and the production of samples.

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