Our company boasts a long history of successes and innovations, but always looks to the future with ambition and determination. Our history is a source of pride, but the future is full of opportunities that we want to make the most of.

Our history

The O.M.P. srl was born in the sector of the production of turned parts to design. With almost 40 years of experience, the company has evolved since its foundation as OMP in 1984, already producing nuts and bolts since the 60s. Today, the company offers its customers, made up of large, medium and small companies, its experience and expertise in the production of customized turned parts. 

The company is equipped with a fleet of machines that includes both traditional cam lathes and the most modern numerical control machines, which allow to maintain the maximum quality of the product with maximum flexibility and elasticity to meet customer needs. 

The craft activity at the basis of the work is an important value for the company, which attaches great importance to the experience and skills of its employees. The combination of modern technologies and the knowledge acquired allow the company to guarantee the highest product quality with maximum flexibility and flexibility in customer service. 

Furthermore, the O.M.P. srl recognizes the importance of the work of its employees and constantly invests in training and professional development to guarantee customer satisfaction and the continuous growth of the company. The enhancement of the work of the employees is a fundamental pillar for the company and contributes to its reliability and competence in the sector of the production of turned parts to design. 


The OMP company offers its employees a gym and weight room service, available outside working hours. This initiative aims to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, as well as improve employee productivity and health.

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