Our machine fleet boasts multi-axis and sliding headstock turning centers, automatic cam lathes, milling machines and various finishing machinery. In addition, we have high-precision equipment and state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee the highest quality in the machining of the pieces. The combination of these machines allows us to offer an efficient and high quality service to our customers, with flexibility in production and the ability to adapt to specific customer needs.

Machine park

Biglia 301;

Biglia 301 S;

Biglia 301 S;

Biglia 301 SM;

Biglia 301 YS;

Biglia 301 YS;

Biglia 501YS; 

Biglia 545 YS;

Biglia 550 YS;

Biglia 565 YS;

Hanwha XE 35;

Hanwha XP 16 S;

Hanwha XD 20 J; 

DMC 160 GL;

DMC 210 GL;

GLD 25;

GLD 25;

Doosan lnxy 2200 LM;

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